Seize the carp!

After months of losing Jamie to the beautiful lakes of Oxfordshire he invited me to tag along and see what it is about carp fishing he loves so much. Now to be fair after spending summers watching my grandfather fish as a child I wasn’t exactly racing down to Oxfordshire, but I was a little excited to be allowed into Jamie’s little world.

WP_20150831_8963We arrived just before sunrise and within an hour I suddenly realized what it is that makes me a fishing widow every week.

WP_20150831_1640How incredible is this sunrise? Honestly it took my breath away, the only sounds to be heard were the songs of the waking birds.

WP_20150831_9822My home for the next few nights, so I wasn’t so keen on sleeping in a bivvy ( think of a oval tent with a big door ). But actually it was cosy and I had a folding bed with a massive sleeping bag and this beautiful view to wake up to.

WP_20150831_3206It didn’t take me long to get comfy while Jamie did all the hard work. I put the kettle on and got all snuggly under a blanket with a book and enjoyed the peace and quite.

WP_20150831_1672I don’t think I have giggled so much in my whole life ( as quietly as humanly possible, not allowed to scare the carp ). But watching him in the boat was so funny.

WP_20150831_6765I can safely say I had no idea just how much hard work carp fishing was, but I’m told its absolutely worth all the effort and tears.

WP_20150831_6514Not a carp but a tench and apparently every carp fisherman’s pet hate after coots. But it could have been a carp and watching Jamie run into the lake in his socks was priceless.

WP_20150831_6698The lake and carp community in England practice a catch and release policy despite the type of fish, which makes for a happy Emma.

WP_20150831_9655As the day drew to a end, I got super wrapped up and comfy, grabbed my book ( which I almost read in a day, I highly recommend this book I couldn’t put it down). And of course you can’t spend the night under the stars without a cider, I could get used to this fishing life.


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