More happy little things in August

More happy little things in August

Part two of all the wonderful little things that made me happy in August, you can have a peek at part one here And remember it only takes a tiny little thing every day to change your world.

2015-08-31_15.16.2613. New family, I have been truly blessed with Jamie’s family, they have welcomed me into their lives and made me feel extra loved.

14. Me and Dave selfies purely a guilty pleasure but he loves it and they make me smile ( not to mention I treat him as a person ).

15. I have been trying to get my fitness levels back after the initial just moved in together weight gain. And despite wanting to cry through any exercise at the moment I feel wonderful once I’ve finished.

16. Ice cream, need I say more!

2015-08-31_15.19.2817. A trip on a stream train, me and Jamie acted like big kids with such big grins on our faces.

18. Eating right, now I’m getting fit again my diet has improved 10 folds and I feel wonderful. The old adage you are what you eat is certainly true for me.

19. Grey hair, I’ve been trying to get my hair grey for months now and finally it’s grey and I couldn’t be happier with it, now I just need it to grow faster, much faster.

20. Cuddle time, my chap is away a lot at the moment and unfortunately Dave is having to give extra cuddles.

2015-08-31_15.20.4421. Little ducks, how could you not smile when you see these little cuties.

22. Quotes, my phone gallery is full of little quotes but sometimes they are just what you need to pick up your day.

23. That face, every time I see this face I just want to eat it up.

24. A beautiful sunrise, this has to be one of the most beautiful sunrises I have ever seen.

2015-08-31_15.21.2225. Watching Jamie fish, carp fishing is his absolute passion and its wonderful to watch and see how happy it makes him

26. This month Jamie took me fishing for the first time and although fishing isn’t my thing at all, it was just wonderful to spend time in his world.

27. Thanks to an awful British summer I have reverted to my inner 5 year old and relished in the joys of wearing my wellingtons ALL the time.

28. Being beside the sea, we are blessed to live less than a hour away from the sea. And nothing cures life’s little bumps than sea air.

2015-08-31_15.26.1529. My brother emailed me some old pictures from when we were festival goers, and I almost didn’t recognize myself in them but they definitely took me back and made me smile.

30. Seeing deers upclose, they were stunningly beautiful and made my little heart skip a beat.

31. The better I eat the better I am feeling, and the more I crave.


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