Augusts happy little things

Augusts happy little things

As always I’m all about life’s little things, I never wait for a miracle because honestly who needs a miracle when you can find happiness every single day. Here are some of the little things that have made my August absolutely perfect and kept a smile on my face.


1. Strawberries, for as long as I can remember strawberry has been my favourite flavour, as a child everything I ate or drank had to be strawberry flavoured. During summer I eat strawberries at least once a day, they are little red perfection.

2. Sea air, I’m a firm believer that either sea air or a cup of tea will fix all of lives problems. Being near the sea instantly relaxes me and brightens my mood.

3. My boys, these two are my world, there is never a sound face when they are around. I can hand on heart say I’ve never felt so loved.

4. Homemade cake, I eat cake every morning for breakfast ( I know super unhealthy ) but it’s my favourite part of being a adult.


5. Morning cuddles with Dave, most mornings I make myself a big cup of tea and climb back into bed to read my favourite blogs and Dave is right behind me ready to try and sneak some of my tea and get some cuddles.

6. Fresh flowers, I try and always have fresh flowers in our home. I love how they make the house smell and every time I pass them I always stop whatever I’m doing to smell them.

7. Sunsets, there is nothing more beautiful in this world than watching a stunning sunset or sunrise, I saw this sunset while sitting at my desk in work, it certainly made night better.

8. Dave, he instantly knows when I’m feeling out of sorts and he’s always there ready to jump on me and shower me in wet doggie kisses.


9. Spending time with my brother, luckily I’m still very close to my brother and sister and cherish the time I get to spend with them. Me and my brother try and go out for dinner a couple of times a week to catch up.

10. Dessert, I will skip a starter and main course and dive straight into dessert. Sometimes I will have three courses of desserts.

11. Jamie is away a lot and that leaves me and Dave alone to take lots of selfies and have super long walks.

12. Jamie, no one in this world can or has ever made me laugh as much as this man. He has a terrible habit of making me laugh the hardest as soon as I’ve just taken a large gulp of my drink. I’m so blessed to have found this man and I certainly won’t be letting him go. In this picture we were on our way to a wedding reception and I love my smile in it.


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