Currently / August

I thought I would share some of the things I’m doing, loving and filling my life with at the moment.

Reading : I have just started reading Death comes to Pemberley. I watched the tv series last year, and Pride and prejudice being my favourite book I couldn’t resist reading this book. This is also the first of James work I have read and certainly won’t be the last, the book has me hooked although I’m slightly biased with my love for Darcy.

2015-08-23_14.55.34_kindlephoto-116427417Watching : The great British bake off, normally I would never watch a cooking program as I really dislike them but I thought I would give this a chance if nothing else I would get some inspiration. Now I’m a couple of episodes in and I’m hooked, I can’t believe I have never seen it before.

Listening to : Anything incredibly cheesy, 90s pop music is my ultimate guilty pleasure. There is just something about it that instantly improves my mood.


Wearing : Far too many clothes for this time of year! I have actually caught myself wearing big woolly jumpers which would be fine if it was November but August. The British summer time has certainly let us down this year. 

Smelling : Fresh flowers, my house seems to have turned into a floriest.

2015-08-23_15.02.39_kindlephoto-116669281Nails : Due to having interviews for a new job recently I decided it best to have my nails shortened. Here they are pink this week and extremely short for me.

Drinking : Tea and lots of it, I spent the whole of July in America trying to find the perfect cup of tea, unfortunately I couldn’t so I’m certainly making up for it now.

2015-08-23_15.03.03_kindlephoto-116639814Eating : Cake, cake and more cake, my absolute favourite thing about being a grown up is being able to pick what I eat for breakfast and thats because every single morning I eat cake for breakfast with lemon drizzle being my favourite.

Wanting : A another holiday, I’m most definitely suffering with needing a holiday to get over my holiday.

2015-08-23_15.06.12_kindlephoto-116827939Enjoying : Being home with my boys, I can’t tell you how much I missed these two while I was away.


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