Trentham gardens

Another day, another adventure out with my two boys. I promise tomorrow there will be something other than dog walks but when your puppy gives you that look you can’t help but give in.

WP_20150818_901And let’s face it there are much worse views than this. Trentham gardens is one of my favourite places to go for a walk with my boys.

WP_20150818_6750My boys enjoying the view, Jamie secretly looking for carp again, I’m on to his little tricks!

WP_20150818_720As you walk around the lake you will be surprised by art scattered along the way, this is my favourite by far, reminds me of The mask.

WP_20150818_5438Fairies of Trentham, scattered around the mile long walk of lake and woods are the Trentham fairies, beautiful wire sculpture of fairies perfect for little ones and big kids like me.


Always willing to stop to have their picture taken for me.

WP_20150818_3591I adore the ruins that stand within the gardens, I find them extremely interesting and beautiful, I find myself drawn to them with every visit I take.

WP_20150818_8003Trentham gardens is part of the Trentham estate and has so much more to offer than just beautiful walks, there is a beautiful shopping area, including a doggie bakery and some of my favourite shops. There is also monkey forest and through the summer they host concerts. Find out more here

WP_20150818_1045The gardens are truly breathtaking and offer some serious inspiration for anyone who wants to add a little something special to their home.

WP_20150818_4432We had a wonderful time and can’t wait to return, I couldn’t wait to share everything else they have to offer including some very delicious cake.


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