Choo Choo!

Having a border collie means lots and lots of walking for all of us, we try as much as possible to include Dave in everything we do. We are always looking for new places to visit that are dog friendly so when a work colleague told me about a mini stream train that we could take Dave on, we were there.


We headed off to Rudyard lake stream railway, and when we saw the little stream train I don’t know if Dave or Jamie was more excited. With our tails wagging we jumped aboard and all jumped when the whistle blew.



What is not to love about these two! Dave Spent the whole trip with his head out of the carriage enjoying the breeze. The ride was about 10 minutes either way, and you can get straight back on the train or jump off and walk around the lake.


With the lake looking so beautiful and the weather being warm for the first time in weeks we decided to walk around the lake. However Dave had other thoughts and dived straight in to cool off and play.


Dave having a swim, this dog makes me laugh so so much, he started swimming lengths for about 20 minutes before jumping out and using me as a towel.

WP_20150817_3840Jamie pretending to be watching Dave but I know he’s secretly looking for carp, most our days out involve looking for carp. The joys of being a fishing widow.

WP_20150817_1262Dave isn’t happy unless he’s getting muddy and nothing makes his day more than getting me muddy too.

WP_20150817_7459Dave and Jamie fighting over a stick, Dave won!

WP_20150817_7757My boys certainly are photogenic and love posing for me, I’m a very lucky girlie indeed.

WP_20150817_2089After nearly a two hour walk around the lake we decided to get the train back, both my boys were just as excited the second time.


All the staff were extremely friendly and were happy to pose for everybody’s photos and stop to talk to the children and anybody who had questions.

WP_20150817_9705I think Jamie secretly enjoyed the day the most, he was like a big kid on the train but played it cool in front of me and Dave.

We were exhausted by the end of the day and extremely dirty, but there was certainly smiles all round and a little nap on the sofa when we got home.



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