Biddulph country park

Jamie has been away a lot recently, which has left me at home to care for our boy Dave, which I love but it does make me feel guilty about leaving him to go to work ( luckily my hours are short ). So I always make the extra effort to take him on super long walks a couple of times a day to make sure he is happy, after all he is our family. Also the extra exercise has been perfect for me too, but I’m very happy that Jamie is back home now.

WP_20150815_8013Off we go to Biddulph country park, doesn’t he look like the world’s happiest dog. I warn you now there may be a overload of Dave pictures but I just love his face.

WP_20150815_4571This was our first time at the country park after having it recommend to me from a work friend, me and Dave love visiting new places, if I had a tail it would have been wagging here.

WP_20150815_8043Streams run through the 73 acre park, perfect for a dog who loves chasing water and getting muddy.

WP_20150815_5179The second I took him off his lead he was straight in the water.

WP_20150815_8096There was three walks around the park depending on your fitness and time, me and Dave decided to follow the long walk. Just as soon as I was able to get him out of the stream.


Just relaxing in the middle of a stream, no big deal.

WP_20150815_1457The park has a fishing lake in it, which adds some beautiful wildlife to the area. The park is full of picnic benches and some beautiful spots to stop and have a picnic if you wanted to spend the day here as well as a small cafe.



Every surface had a pretty light green moss growing over it, which added a different shade to the forest. I’m so glad I visited the park I can imagine how beautiful it will be during Autumn. WP_20150815_229

Look how excited he is, this could be my favourite picture of him. I adore his beautiful face and his eyes in it. I can safely say he had a happy little day out.

WP_20150815_9679Two very sleepy but extremely happy souls off to get some treats.


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