Dave the dog

Hello there it’s come to my attention that my mummy has been mentioning me to you and it seems only right that I should introduce myself properly after all its the doggie thing to do.

6tag_100815-225313Here I am! My name is Dave and I’m a 3 and a half ( the half is very important ) year old border collie. I was born on a farm with so many brothers and sisters that some of us had to live elsewhere. Lots of people came to look at me but no one wanted me until one day a lovely chap came along, picked me up and looked into my eyes and instantly I knew it was puppy love. So I packed my doggy suitcase and with my tail wagging like crazy we went home.


After some time living the male doggy life I decided that I needed a mummy around the house for some extra cuddles and boy did daddy pick a good one, she gives me lots of cuddles and let’s me sneak upstairs in the mornings.


Just before I go, the postman is due any minute and I must get ready to surprise him, I thought I would share some likes and dislikes about myself.


Likes:- chasing shadows, licking walls, water, swimming, bones, chasing ducks, cuddles, long walks and sheep

Dislikes:- bedtime, and anytime between meal times.



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