Seaside love

I have such fond childhood memories of summers spent in Southport, so when it comes to a couple of free hours I’m more than happy to jump into the car and head off to the sea.


My boys, I’ve become obsessed with taking pictures of these two, but can you blame me!


Southport really is a lovely day out and has lots to offer for the whole family, definitely one of my favourite places to visit. WP_20150810_8959Dave spent almost an hour playing in this foundation, trying to figure out where the water was coming from and going to. Personally I think he just enjoyed shaking himself off over me.

WP_20150810_5114Eventually we had to drag Dave away, much to his dislike.

WP_20150810_5526We then headed off to the beach to feel some warm sand between our toes and fill our lungs with some fresh sea air.

WP_20150810_214I really do have a beautiful family. I told you I’m obsessed.

WP_20150810_5795Off we go, unfortunately we can’t let Dave play in the sea because he doesn’t like salt water but that doesn’t stop him trying to chase the waves.

WP_20150810_5486One of my favourite things about the beach at Southport is the dunes. As a child I would spend hours exploring the dunes and using them to hide from my parents when it was time for home.

WP_20150810_8085My boys having a moment


Dave found a doll on the beach and was inseparable for a whole ten minutes before eating her head. Another day that wore my boys out, which makes for a very happy Emma.

Do you live somewhere beautiful in the UK, I’m always looking for new places to visit. If you know somewhere that I would enjoy please drop me a comment.


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