Hawkstone park

WP_20150805_8527Still trying to make the most of this awful British summer weather, the three of us headed off, nicely wrapped up to the follies in Hawkstone park.


The follies is a beautiful magical woodland with caves, cliffs and a serious of monuments built over 200 years ago.

WP_20150805_853Hawkstone park has a ridiculously wonderful history which you can find here, so grab a couple of tea and settle down for half an hour. http://www.hawkstoneparkfollies.co.uk/history/

WP_20150805_9198Flower inspiration, I adore this shade of purple and can see it making an appearance once I decorate my new home.


Around every corner is a stunning view, make sure you take your camera because you will be kicking yourself if you forget it.WP_20150805_8635

WP_20150805_5419We decided to do the longest trail and although I thought I was going to give up and collapse, the hike to the highest peak gave the most incredible views and made it all worth it.


The park is dog friendly, however dogs must be kept on leads and with an excited puppy and so many drops I was more than happy to keep Dave on his lead. I would also recommend having some water with you and make sure you dress for the weather. WP_20150805_3885

I will definitely be going again before the end of the summer and most definitely be taking a picnic with me and making a full day of it as I felt I missed some areas I would have liked to see including the caves. WP_20150805_632We had such a lovely day, even if we discovered just how unfit we are. Luckily by the end of it I had to very sleepy boys who napped all the way home.


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