Super easy chilled lemon flan

We eat so many desserts in our house that sometimes I need something quick and easy to whip up, and here it is chilled lemon flan.

WP_20150805_524I shop local as much as humanly possible, luckily I am surrounded by some wonderful farm shops.


7 oz digestive biscuits
2 oz butter
1 level tablespoon castor sugar
10 floz double cream
6 oz can condensed milk
2 large lemons ( finely grated and juiced )

WP_20150805_1738Crush digestive biscuits with a rolling pin. Melt the butter in a pan, add sugar then blend with the biscuit crumbs. Mix well.

WP_20150805_3299Turn into a 9 inch flan dish and press into base and sides of flan dish. Bake in the oven on low for about 8 minutes or until crumbs are golden. Remove from oven and leave to cool, do not remove from dish.

WP_20150805_7824Mix together the cream, condensed milk and finely grated rind, slowly beat in lemon juice.

WP_20150805_5936Pour mixture into flan case and chill for several hours until firm.


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