Delamere forest

WP_20150803_5976My boys ready for another adventure, Dave is in heaven so many trees, so little time. After four weeks away we needed something cheap to do and luckily for us we live 20 minutes away from a national forest, all it cost was some patrol money.

WP_20150803_1162Off we go…….. course I’m trailing behind! Wait up!

WP_20150803_2158The forest surrounds a beautiful big lake and has several streams running through the trees.

WP_20150803_6230Look mummy I found the muddy water to play in.

WP_20150803_1698How pretty does this algae look, I love how green it is.


WP_20150803_4757Dave enjoys splashing the water in front of himself and trying to catch it.



Very proud of his bone and even better at hitting the backs of your legs as he did a victory run up and down the path with it.

My handsome boys in front of a gruffalo, this big guy was at the end of the trail we took. It would have been lovely to have had several of them hidden throughout the trail. WP_20150803_1330

I need a gruffalo for my garden, this big guy made my day and took up about 60 pictures on my camera. WP_20150803_9520Come on Emma we need feeding. We had such a lovely afternoon for next to nothing, this is certainly something we are going to do more often and as the seasons change every walk will be different.


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