We all like to be beside the sea.

After nearly a week of trying to get back into some kind of routine at home, a very patient Jamie forced me away from our bed and into the real world with the promise of fresh air and some doughnuts.

WP_20150803_1742So me, Jamie and our beautiful border collie Dave jumped in the car and headed to Llandudno, Wales for some serious fresh air. Despite being August I’m all wrapped up in woolly jumpers and cardigans, don’t you just love the British summer time.

WP_20150803_9929We took a walk to the end of the pier and me and Dave enjoyed the wind in our fur. I love the smell of sea air.

WP_20150803_3243Me and Dave posing in front of the mad hatter, Llandudno is full of little Alice in wonderland gems as its thought Alice lived here for some time.

WP_20150803_2017Feeling a little adventurous we decided to climb the Great Orme, more Dave’s idea than ours. Dave was super excited to see some mountain goats.

WP_20150803_7407Dave and Jamie enjoying the view, this could be very favourite ever picture of my boys.

WP_20150803_4725The views were definitely worth the walk, how incredible is this view?


For a moment you can absolutely forget where you are, I could have been right back in America.


On our way back down we found this beautiful little church and graveyard overlooking the sea.

WP_20150803_1836My boys keeping an eye out for pirates. Or least trying to spot a seal or too, with no luck three very sleepy adventurers headed home to our bed.

WP_20150803_8822This is exactly what I needed to get myself out of my post holiday funk! I’m very lucky I’m so loved.


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