Julys happy little things

I’m very much of the mind set that if you wait for a miracle to change your life, you will be waiting a very long time. Instead I look for one little thing every day that puts a smile on my face and am thankful for my happy little life.


1. Jamie coming home from fishing, nearly every week I lose my chap to long weekends of fishing and every week I’m just as excited to get him home.

2. Meeting Jen for the first time, after speaking to her on instagram and Skype everyday for 8 months.

3. Waking up in a forest, I can not describe just how peaceful it was to be woken by birds singing and not people running around late.

4. Celebrating another countries holiday, I am obsessed with learning about other people’s cultures and independence day certainly didn’t let me down.

14383401985395. Views that took my breath away, it’s extremely hard not to feel humble well being stood in front of nature at its best.

6. This little heart shaped leaf instantly put a smile on my face and reminded me of all the people I love dearly.

7. I can not remember the last time I went on a bike ride however I suddenly remembered how amazing the wind felt blowing through my hair and the thrill of finding a big hill to go down.

8. Feeling the warmth of the ocean, living where I do in England I’m not much a fun of swimming in the sea, however on holiday that changes and my inner mermaid snaps on her clams.

14383402226099. Graveyards, ok a little odd but there is just something about them that I absolutely love.

10. Good sushi, hands down if I had to live off one food forever sushi would be it.

11. Acting like a child, nothing beats a day of forgetting you are a adult, forgetting work, money, life problems and just doing something for the sake of it rather than wondering the purpose of it.

12. Mommas home cooking, while in America Jens mother cooked us a beautiful meal and I don’t think it matters who’s mother it is, it just somehow tastes like home.

I need to run off for some unhappy adult jobs but will be posting part two of what made my July happy tomorrow, don’t forget to look for something happy today.


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