Cradle of forestry

Pisgah national forest is certainly more than a day trip, to see it propably and in its rightful glory you need a few days.


One of the areas within the forest I wanted to visit, was the cradle of forestry and the birthplace of America’s first school of forestry.


The cradle is split into two trails, forest festival trail which is 1.3 miles of gardens, an 1915 logging railroad and different forestry machinery.


Couldn’t resist some pictures with this little beauty, either I’m a secret train spotter or I’m really missing England.


If it wasn’t for Jens wide knowledge of mushrooms I would have spent my trip extremely sick. Why are all the pretty mushrooms poisonous? Here is the very appealing Jackolantern.


Ruins of an old cottage. WP_20150725_1683

The second trail, Biltmore campus trail which in the 1800s was a private settlement belonging to independent mountain folks known as pink beds. In the 1960s the original buildings of the pink beds were reconstructed by the Biltmore school of forestry almost 70 years after Americans first forestry school opened.

WP_20150725_7660The trail starts with patches of pretty colourful flowers, before being led around the reconstructed buildings of yesteryear.

School house

School house

Inside the one roomed school house

Inside the one roomed school house

As we were walking around we encountered several members of staff who were extremely helpful and talkative.


Here is one of the friendly staff members now, he very kindly modelled for me in front of a house of the times.



This was a perfect way to end an incredible holiday. I can certainly say the mountain air has been extremely good for me.WP_20150725_6953



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    Beautiful photography!

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