Natures Beauty

“Waterfalls can touch your soul, Your heart, Make you wonder and think,
What beauty nature brings” Angel plant


Usually being woken with the words morning hike would make me hide under the blankets but add the word waterfalls and I’m first there, add three waterfalls and I couldn’t be happier.


We headed off to Pisgah national forest, which boasts some 500,000 plus acres of beautiful mountain scenery and more importantly waterfalls, lots of beautiful waterfall.


Looking glass falls, how beautiful is this? You are easily able to get to the bottom and have a little paddle.

WP_20150725_3933I so desperately wanted to shower under the waterfall but knowing I’d look more like a crazy woman rather than a supermodel I thought better.

WP_20150725_976But I did play around on the rocks instead and was extremely thankful that I managed to balance for a change.

WP_20150725_2572After a near miss I decided not to push my luck and head on over to sliding rock.

WP_20150725_9665How much fun does this look?

WP_20150725_3854After deciding that as much fun as sliding rock looked we decided we weren’t in the mood for a ice bath.

WP_20150725_1212So we headed down stream to our final waterfall for the morning.

WP_20150725_1185Moore cove falls was certainly a hike but most definitely worth it.

WP_20150725_3703I love the relaxing sound of the water falling and the much needed breeze.

WP_20150725_1893The forest was full of every shade of green you could possibly imagine, absolutely my new favourite morning activity.


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