Bloom where you are planted

“I’d rather have roses on my table than diamond’s on my neck”, Emma Goldman

WP_20150723_3593Looking ridiculously happy about visiting North Carolina’s arboretum, the second I stepped out of my car, the beautiful sweet smell of flowers tickled my nose.

WP_20150723_5408I warn you now there may be a picture overload, walking around the gardens I felt like Alice in my own little wonderland.



I could eat these candy looking flowers all up, everything smelt absolutely delicious like all your favourite cakes baking away in the oven. WP_20150723_6807


The sunflowers made me miss home as I planted some before I left for America and am hoping for some big beautiful flowers when I get home.WP_20150723_6497

Who needs a garden when this is your view.

The gardens are filled with beautiful colour combinations and have definitely given me lots of inspiration for my own home and garden. If you are thinking about decorating head down to your local public garden or park and check out colour choices. I absolutely adore this washed out grey and pink look.WP_20150723_9925


For all the prettiest in the gardens, cactus have been my favourite plant since childhood. This is a prickly pear cacti and I adore it.WP_20150723_6551

WP_20150723_1028The arboretum has a impressive collection of bonsai trees. These tiny little trees are certainly wonderful to see on there own but the arboretum boasts a collection of over a hundred and all of sudden I feel like Alice after she’s taken a bite of pie.



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