Tattoo time!

So I have learnt first hand why you shouldn’t have another person’s name tattooed on you, and after the pain of yesterday I won’t be making that mistake again. I’m going through a divorce at the moment and moving on happily with my life, having this tattoo covered up is the last part of my old life and makes me even more excited for the future.


This beautiful woman came to hold my hand and laugh at me a little. So we headed over to Empire tattoo, in Asheville, North Carolina for a little pain.

549554_10151859327748673_366519704_nYou can check out the amazing work they do here, absolutely fabulous people who instantly put you at ease and make you laugh from the second you enter the shop. Remember Travis, a new friend I’ve met while being here and also the artist behind Jens ink. Well tattoos in Charleston, South Carolina but luckily for me guest spots here in Asheville.


Free drawn rose design, you can see the exes name at the top, I know, I know, never again.


I’m not going to lie the cover up was extremely painful, there was so many times when I was ready to quit but thank goodness I didn’t because I’m now the proud owner of this little beauty.


The final piece, it’s still a little swollen and red but I’m in love. This tattoo is a little different from my others but fits in perfectly.

Here’s a couple more pieces of his work, go check him out here I love his work and will be absolutely returning for more ink.




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