Chimney rock.

I can not get over how many cute little towns there are hidden away in the mountains here, and how small communities are making a business from tourism. Chimney rock has a tiny population of 109 and yet is a thriving tourist spot and offers every convenience a tourist may need.


Including ice cream, however I made a rookie mistake by getting a cone within 30 seconds I was a hot sticky mess.

WP_20150715_522Chimney rocks main street and really only street sits at the entrance of Chimney rock park. And has a dozen cute little shops and restaurants, each one built in a mountain lodge style.

WP_20150715_7015Behind the shops and restaurants there is the rocky board riverwalk. After the ice cream a walk is just what I needed.


WP_20150715_4016I cooled my feet off in the river and enjoyed the sunshine while the birds sang overhead.

WP_20150715_4112One of my favourite things about America is their love of bright, cheerful signage.

WP_20150715_3789I am having a incredible holiday, I’m a very lucky girl indeed, sorry about the black and white picture however after three weeks of humidity and sunshine my hair is in desperate need of professional help and my English skin is more than a little pink.


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