More tea vicar?

Ok so my English humour is as lost here as much as America’s iced tea is lost in England.

WP_20150711_3618So I hoped onto a trolley and took a little look around Charleston tea plantation in a hope to see what all the fuss was about.

WP_20150711_4978Off we go, we are given a guided tour by a lovely man named Bob who is nothing but sweet and clearly loves his job.


Rows and rows of beautiful tea. Charleston tea plantation is America’s only tea plantation.


The bus was so incredibly warm and sticky, however the tour is about 40 minutes long and worth being slightly uncomfortable for.


This gentleman is making sure the plantation continues to grow. Its amazing to think this business started from one plant and a lot love.



After the trolley ride around the grounds you get to look around the factory and see how tea plants become different types of tea.
WP_20150711_2772After trying many different iced teas I still don’t entirely get it, I don’t think I will be swapping raining days and a big cups of tea any time soon. And I will always chuckle a little when I have to ask for warm tea.


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