Exploring Charleston

Feeling a little guilty about skipping on culture to head for the beach yesterday, I woke up early and decided I would soak up some history before the heat got unbearable in the city. And can you believe it, it started with the waterfront.

WP_20150710_1738At 9am it’s already hotter then the best English summer day. Luckily being at the waterfront provides a much wanted breeze.


I started my little tour of Charleston at Battery park, A beautiful small park lined with cannons pointing out to sea, used as a form of defence in the 1800’s, this area is how I have always imagined Charleston to be. The park is surrounded by beautiful southern mansions with a labyrinth of side streets. Now we already know I love day dreaming about other people’s homes and to me this was heaven.

WP_20150710_5239Who wouldn’t want to live in a ice cream coloured house?  However if you don’t have a few million dollars laying around you could head down a side street to some smaller homes but possibly my favourite.

WP_20150710_5440There is rainbow row, maybe the sweetest little street I have ever seen. Every house is a different pastel colour, reminded me of cupcakes.


However if a more classic look is what you are after, just head down the next side street, every little street is different but equally as cute as the last. I honestly can not put in words how beautiful this area of Charleston is.

WP_20150710_773Before I knew it, I looked around and I was in Charlestons French quarter.


Churches in America always seem incredibly odd to me. I’ve spent my whole life around old, dark churches. Here they all look so new and Shiny. There size alone is truly impressive.


Along side what look like newly built churches are graveyards which date back 300 years.WP_20150710_9124Kaine spent the entire day searching for treasure that pirates might have forgotten about.


There is so much colour everywhere you turn, whether it is the homes, art or flowers it is certain hard not to leave feeling happier than when you arrived. WP_20150710_7259Eventually the heat got far too much for us, so feeling a little less guilty then yesterday we headed back to the beach.


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