Sun, sea & South Carolina!

Charleston has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember and being in North Carolina it would have been rude not to pop over.

WP_20150709_8914Now I feel a little guilty about not soaking up the culture and sites but after four hours in a car, I really just wanted to take a little dip in the Atlantic ocean. So I dumped my bags, pulled on my bathing suit, took a little selfie or 30 of which it took 29 fails, to get one I was happy with and headed out.


My new neighbourhood for the next few days, for a second I forgot I was even in America.


We headed towards Folly beach on James island, which reminded me of Amity island in Jaws. This is my first time visiting an American beach and it was much cuter then I could ever imagine.


The beach was lined with pretty blue umbrellas along one side and every beach game, even some I had no idea about along the other.


As much as I love the idea of lounging around on the beach, I get bored within five minutes. Luckily for me the water was beautiful and warm with the extra bonus of waves of which I spent most of the afternoon just bobbing around in.

WP_20150709_2637Before heading back for much needed food and a nap. Think I will be able to squeeze a couple more hours at the beach before heading back to North Carolina.


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