Exploring Ashville

So we headed into the nearest city to Jen, which happens to be Ashville, North Carolina. Smaller than most cities I have visited but definitely just as big in personality.


Since we met on instagram it would be rude not to sneak in a little selfie or five.WP_20150708_6847

Walking through the brightly coloured streets, it’s hard not to have a smile on your face and a extra spring in your step.Shops in downtown Asheville_ (Photo_ Teresa Moore)

The city is alive with colourful shops and music being played, there is such a relaxed feeling to it. The most impressive part of the city is that no one is rushing around, everybody just seems to be moving at their on pace. For anyone reading this back home it’s a cross between Brighton and Manchester.

Downtown Asheville NC, Buncombe County

Every available surface is covered in some kind of art, all extremely bright and positive, none of which looks out of place within the city.


Just standing with a six foot flat iron, just a normal day.


Once the sun began to set and the days heat started cooling, we set off on a little bike ride, less for the exercise and more to look at cute houses and imagine living on the pretty tree lined streets.


How cute is this house, I began riding through the streets imaging what it would be like to live there, that is until I saw this beauty and fell in love.


Day dreaming about living in other people’s houses is normal right? If you have never done it grab your bicycle or walking shoes and head out to a new neighbourhood.
6tag_080715-025906There is sunshine everywhere, you just have to look.


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