Forest floor to dinner plate

If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise. And boy was I in for a surprise when Jen suggested we go into the woods to find some mushrooms for our dinner. Now living in a small town in the UK I don’t have much need nor woods to go picking mushrooms at dinner time and I sure have no clue which ones are edible and which ones will make me poorly but luckily I know a woman that does.

6tag_070715-132848We followed a trail along a pretty little spring, which Jen and Natalie did with such grace, I myself looked very much the British tourist karate chopping bugs away ( it would seem I’m rather tasty, as I’ve been bitten a lot already ).

6tag_070715-131735The forest floor is covered in beautiful heart shaped leaves which always make me think of my chap back home.

6tag_070715-132506 This little fella is an old man of the woods and is Safe to eat, but a little hard to see in all the leaves.


Here is the Amanita muscaria or as I like to call it the fairy tale mushroom. Now naturally I wanted to pick, it’s so pretty and colourful but Jen informed me it was rather poisonous. Mother nature is a cunning lady indeed.

6tag_070715-131326We easily saw 20 varieties growing within a few metres of her home, all so pretty and different. Now I could happily share all my pictures and my new bug bites, I really need to work on my karate chop some more but we should be cooking.

6tag_070715-131453So we scooped up our foraged mushrooms and headed on in.


With our chicken and prawns, or shrimp to all my international friends slow cooking we washed and chopped our finds and simply fried them with some organic local butter.

6tag_070715-130621Before sitting down to eat on the porch. I have never eaten such lovely tasting mushrooms before, I do believe mushrooms will be on the menu for every meal now.

Please before trying this, do your research as there are so many poisonous varieties and I don’t want you getting poorly.



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