Happy fourth of July.

So for obvious reasons, being British mainly, I’ve never celebrated American independence and was very excited while planning this trip that I would be here during the holiday. America has certainly grown up to become a beautiful country in its own right. Just being here during the holiday makes it impossible not to get caught up in everybody’s enthusiasm and excitement.

I’m staying completely away from the tourist areas in a lovely little town where streets are lined with beautiful wooden houses where rocking chair sit all pretty, and every lawn has the American flag flying. I couldn’t think of a better place to celebrate my first American holiday.

6tag-1419037314-1021857488877924229_1419037314This beautiful young lady is Natalie, she could easily be the nation’s sweetheart. She reminds me of warm cookies and milk and her fourth of July outfit was adorable, think Tommy Hilfigers all American style.6tag_040715-203509What holiday would be complete without a few pretty sparklers! Just looking at the boxes got me excited.6tag_040715-224402So excited in fact that we didn’t even wait for it to go dark before ripping open the boxes and having a play. I certainly don’t need big fancy fireworks just some sparklers and instantly I’m a child again.6tag_050715-102305We all made our way into the forest to collect firewood ready for the evenings bonfire and naturally the boys got distracted by fire.6tag_050715-101928

InstagramCapture_24c8a00e-5ce2-4a16-b84c-f9995e78c1e4Travis introduced me to his take on a chilli dog, are you ready for this! Sausage, tomato ketchup, onions, a layer of cheddar cheese, some chilli then all topped off with slaw. It was messy, but all the best foods are! This is something I will be serving at my next bbq back home.

6tag_050715-023915The boys admiring their fire making skills! Which was a pretty good fire in their defence. Men make fire ( insert some chest beating and you get the idea.)

6tag_050715-024554We finished the day with some little fireworks while staying warm beside the bonefire.6tag_050715-100859I hope you all enjoyed your fourth of July celebrations, I would love to see how you spent the holiday, please feel free to tag me in your instagram pictures and show me your weekend. One things for sure I’m already planning a return trip for thanksgiving for some more American hospitality.


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