Fitness challenge week ten!


Week ten, I can’t believe I’ve only got two weeks left of my fitness challenge which you can read about here . The time has flown by and I’m already thinking of ideas for my next challenge ( at the moment I’m thinking about a weights based challenge ). Any way back to this week, this week has certainly had its ups and downs. I have been really disheartened this week I have been paying far too much attention to my bathroom scales and not enough to my body. I really worked hard at sticking to my challenge when it would have been so easy to give up ( and believe me I wanted to give up, I wanted to dive face first into a chocolate cake ).

Glorious food


I have been sticking to my clean eating, I don’t even consider this a diet to me it’s just what I eat now, and it’s what I absolutely love. And I can honestly feel the benefits of eating clean after only 10 weeks, when people in my office have been sick I have managed to avoid catching anything. Jamie has been ill twice in that time and I have not caught his colds. To me staying cold free is a good a reason as any to continue eating well.


There was one evening in the week when I really wanted pizza so I had pizza, well I made Jamie eat a pizza minus one slice which I had with a massive plate of salad. I never want to deprive myself of anything but at the same time it is very rare that I want anything unhealthy.

Glorious glorious exercise


I have been the gym four times this week, I really wanted to do six sessions unfortunately I work up on Wednesday morning with such a sore back that I didn’t want to risk a injury. Luckily a couple of super hot baths sorted it out and I was able to get back in the gym on Thursday. I have been doing a lot of cardio recently which is great for my fitness but I am missing weight training a lot and trying to figure out how I can fit it all in.


I came home from work one night last night to a very exciting present from my sweetheart. A beautiful set of weights, there are some days when time is a issue for me ( I live 20 minutes from my gym so that’s 40 minutes before I’ve even worked out ). On these days I still try and do some sort of exercise but having weights will help me push myself even harder. I’m a very lucky girl.

Goals for week eleven

  1. Eat more vegetables, you can’t have too many veggies.
  2. Try a new exercise class.
  3. Start using my weights.
  4. Drink more water.


Those glorious feelings

I think it’s extremely hard after weight loss to look in a mirror and see the new you, I struggle so much with it. When I look in a mirror I still see the old overweight me and it’s really upsetting. I’m not sure I will ever see myself as I actually am. I’m trying to stay focused tho, a bad week certainly doesn’t change how far I’ve come and it most definitely won’t stop me moving forward. Bring on week eleven.



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