Fitness challenge week four!!!!


Week four is all done! I’m a third of the way through my fitness challenge and I can’t see myself ever going back to my old lifestyle. If you are new to my blog and am wondering what the heck I’m talking about, check out the fitness challenge I set myself here I’m a very happy, full of energy girlie.

Glorious food


I am still eating clean and surprisingly I still haven’t eaten any meat. Although it was never a conscious decision to cut meat out of my diet it’s one I now feel rather passionate about. I honestly can not imagine ever eating meat again, I’m less tired and feel a lot less sluggish after each meal. My biggest let down is not drinking enough water, I don’t really drink a lot of anything as I just forget to drink.

One of my goals last week for this week was to allow myself one treat, which I did in the form of a soya hot chocolate with whipped cream and it was more delicious than I ever remembered.

Glorious, Glorious exercise


I have been the gym six times this week, even treating myself to an evening in the stream and sauna rooms. I’m really enjoying the gym, I no longer feel self conscious being there, I just go in knowing I’m going to work hard. Within the week I’ve also been swimming for the first time in about ten years. Although I couldn’t swim for very long I know that if I keep at it I will build up my swimming stamina. I’m still building up my confidence to try one of the classes at the gym, I really want to try a spin class but am worried I wont be able to do it!

As always I have enjoyed long walks with my handsome chap and after a two hour walk in Wellington boots through mud, my legs definitely feel like they have had a workout.



Goals for week five!

  2. Take a spin class
  3. Allow myself a treat
  4. Go swimming three times




Those glorious feelings


I feel amazing, my scales say I’ve lost 6lbs in the first four weeks and a whole dress size. Most of all I am starting to feel better about myself and I am a lot more confidence. Cause I would like my scales to say I’ve lost a little more but I’m trying my hardest not to concentrate on the numbers.

Me and Jamie announced our engagement last week, you can read about our exciting news here  so now my fitness has taken on a new direction, now like every bride to be I want to look nice on my happy day.





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