More happy little things in November


Part two of all the wonderful little things that made me happy in November. You can take a peek at part one here . And remember it only takes one tiny little thing or moment every single day to change your world.


Homemade cake makes everything better, not to mention that I have convinced myself that if it’s homemade it’s ten times better for me, it’s practically a super food in our home. When I’m having a bad day nothing beats a slice of cake and a big mug of tea.

After 14 years in the same job ( I was miserable for the last five ) I decided it was time for a career job. I got the job I wanted and started this month, I’m much happier now just a little poorer.

Bambi, look how cute she is, enough said!

Salad, I have been working on a fitness challenge which isn’t easy when you eat out more than you are at home. But I’ve been super focused to the point at looking at the menu and picking before I’ve even entered the restaurant. I leave feeling extra proud of myself and more importantly I don’t feel like I’ve eaten rubbish.


This month I discovered Lyme park, take a peek here the scenery absolutely blew my mind. Sometimes all you need is some time alone in nature to recharge yourself.

Time with Jamie has been extremely limited recently with us both having work and social commitments but we made a pact that when we are together all that boring grown up stuff can wait.

A good selfie, sometimes you just need a bit more self love!

Thumper, just as beautiful as her sister.


As much as I try and be good, sometimes you just can’t resist the dessert menu after all life is way too short to skip dessert.

Girls night, nothing beats getting together with the girls for a glass (  or bottle ) of wine and having a good gossip and dance.

I lost my grandmother earlier this year and its been extremely hard, especially on my grandfather so it’s lovely to see a glance of his old self. And if anyone can bring a smile to your face it’s Dave.

My brother is the funniest guy I know and one of my cclosest friends so our Sunday morning bunch date are absolutely one thing I look forward to every week.


Being outside surrounded by nature is something I adore and crave all the time. And having Dave most certainly gives me a excuse to turn my phone off and get lost in the woods.

This quote sums me up in one picture.

Having a boyfriend who tells me how beautiful I am with messy hair and no make up is an absolute blessing.

Making Jamie have photos he doesn’t want, yes I am that girlfriend!


Christmas tree shopping is one of my favourite shopping days of the year and this year it was extra special because it’s mine and Jamie’s first Christmas together. Although before we went we had to have a long talk about not picking a half dead one because we think it needs love, believe me we came close.

Quotes can turn your day around in a instant, if you are feeling low, lacking motivation or just bored there is always a quote to give you a little inspiration and get you moving again.

A little pamper time, who isn’t happy after after a bit of pampering.

Working out is my number one mood booster and leaves me feeling happy all day long.

I hope you have a lovely day and don’t forget to take a couple of minutes to appreciate the smaller moments in life.



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