November’s happy little things


I honestly believe I become happier and happier with every single day that passes. I’m a firm believer that you just have to look at the little things every single day to improve your happiness. Since I started this my entire world has changed, I’ve gone from “Im the unluckiest person, nothing good ever happens to me” to “wow, I’m incredibly blessed and lucky” in just a few months. Why don’t you try this in December, everyday just write down one thing that made you smile on that day and by new year you will have 31 happy moments.


British gardens in autumn, there is something truly magical about Autumn and watching the outside world change. I took a trip to now one of my favourite gardens and the colours were truly incredibly. Take a peek for yourself here

I have been working out more than usual, mainly to lose the Christmas weight I know I’m going to put on. But all this exercise is making for a happy and strong Emma. ( I’m not looking forward to a packed gym in January )

Walking in the countryside, Dave needs hours of daily walks to keep him healthy and happy. We are forever jumping in the car and looking for new countryside to explore. Nothing makes me happier than being outside.

Dave, look at that cute little face! Enough said.


If you read my blog regularly ( thank you, it means the world to me ) you will know that three weeks ago I set myself a fitness challenge which you can read about here I have cut out all the rubbish food I was eating and now I feel amazing.

I have been living in my Wellington boots all summer long, and now that winter is nearly upon us there are puddles everywhere ( my inner five year old is over the moon ) so if you see a grown woman running and jumping into puddles it could possibly be me.

Bonfire night is one of my favourite nights of the year, I mean what’s not to love, you get to wrap up warm, drink hot chocolate, eat toffee apples and watch pretty fireworks all a little perfect.

Jamie makes it onto my happiness list every month, he is my best friend and the person who makes me laugh uncontrollably until I’m rolling around on the floor complaining that I can’t catch my breath.


Me and Jamie spent remembrance Sunday learning about first world war hospitals, you can take a peek at that adventure here We both spent the entire day highly interested in everything and asking lots of questions. It is a wonderful feeling when you find someone you can be geeky with.

My nails are ridiculous but I’m crazy about them, they give me a couple of hours a week pamper time and my bunnies enjoy biting them.

Jamie surprised me by bringing home two baby bunny rabbits, on the left is bambi and on the right is thumper. These little girls are just five months old and the most adorable little things ever. Although it’s starting to feel like we are living in a zoo.

Christmas cups in coffee shops, you know it’s nearly officially Christmas time when we are queuing for a Christmas spiced latte.


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