Fitness challenge week two!


Week two is all done and I’m feeling a little amazing! It’s been emotional, I’ve started a new job which has been challenging whilst trying to keep my routine. Jamie’s been at home all week and has been eating lots of junk food in front of me.  And if you are wondering what the heck I’m going on about, take a peek here to see the fitness challenge I set myself

But I have stuck it out and am pretty proud of myself.

Glorious food


I started a new job this week and despite the crazy hours and all the lunches out I have managed to stick to my diet in fact I don’t think I have had a single “treat”.


Every lunch or dinner out I’ve checked the menu online before getting there so I don’t make bad decisions and order the whole menu. I still haven’t had any meat, for no other reason other than I just haven’t wanted it, and I can’t tell you how good not eating meat has made me feel. I’m so much less tired than I was and my skin is glowing, right now I have absolutely no plans to eat meat again. The only area I’m letting myself down in, is I’m not drinking nearly enough water and having far too much caffeine. But I will be sorting this out from now on.

Not so glorious exercise!


Because I have been crazy busy training for my new job I haven’t been able to go the gym as much as I would have liked to but I will be settled into some new hours next week and am able to hit the gym before work. But this isn’t to say I’ve none nothing, I’ve walked Dave everyday for two hours and I’ve been doing squats whenever I get a couple of minutes free. Not to mention all the little changes like taking the stairs instead of the lift and making my car further away so I need to walk a little more.

All good changes but I’m definitely ready to get back in the gym.

Goals for week three


1. Go to the gym before work.
2. Be kinder to myself.
3. Try some different fruits and vegetables.
4. Drink more water.
5. Don’t give up!!

Those glorious feelings


So according to my scales I have only lost 2lbs in the last two weeks, now this is the time I would give up! I mean 2lbs sounds like nothing but I’m sticking with it, the picture on the left was taken the day I started and the picture on the right was taken after ten days. Although there isn’t a massive difference, there is one. Not to mention I really do feel good and my skin is so much healthier looking. Think it’s time to throw the scales away!

It’s taken me almost 32 years to be happy with the way I look and I’m not about to ruin it now!








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