Fitness challenge week one ( again )

WP_20151105_11_05_36_ProOk now I know what you are thinking week one again! What happened to week two. And if you are a new visitor to my tiny little space on the internet ( hey you, thanks for stopping by ) you are probably thinking” what the heck is going on”. Well you can catch up here .


Ok I started my fitness challenge about eight weeks ago, I happily made it through week one and half of week two and then I suddenly got a very serious infection in my eyes. I was left with only 20% vision and as you can imagine going the gym suddenly didn’t seem so important to me anymore and with daily trips to the doctor and a week stuck in hospital I wasn’t so bothered with my diet either. It took five weeks to get my sight back fully and then I was now I’m back at the start.

6tag_071115-094717But now I’m back even more determined than ever, after having such a big scare my health has become my number one priority. And I have made it my number one priority to learn to love myself

Glorious food

My eating habits have been a lot easier to change then I ever thought possible, a week ago I woke up and decided to eat better and I just did. My diet has been filled with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, I have to admit I’m a little proud of myself.

2015-11-13_19.53.10More surprisingly I have not eaten any meat at all, all week! This wasn’t a conscious decision I just ate what my body craved and meat never appeared and honestly I feel amazing. I have noticed I don’t ever feel over full and I’m not complaining about being tired.

Not so glorious exercise

I have managed 4 90 minutes gym sessions, at the moment I have only been doing cardio but I’m absolutely itching to get back to doing free weights.

2015-11-13_19.52.15Exercise has definitely made me feel amazing this week. As well as gym sessions I walk Dave for at least two hours a day.

Goals for week two

  1. Do five gym sessions
  2. Try some new fruit and vegetables
  3. Try a new form of exercise
  4. Get eight hours of sleep a night
  5. Don’t give up!!!!


I feel absolutely amazing this week, I’m truly enjoying working out, even when I don’t feel like doing so. All I can say is bring on week two!



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