Nantwich food love


Two of my favourite words has to be “food festival” so when my local town had there’s at the weekend I was like a kid at Christmas. I packed up my two boys and headed over.


First things first breakfast,  me and Jamie both have the sweetest tooth’s we have cake for breakfast most days and agree it’s one of the best things about being a adult. So we found a little local cafe and ordered tea and cake, look how happy we are.


I went with the classic English breakfast tea with Victoria sponge cake, it was one of the nicest slices I have ever eaten and I’ve tried a few.


Even Dave wanted in on the action, Dave always wants in on cake action.


Jamie just foaming around!


Happy and full we headed over to sample the local delights, and boy was there a lot to sample.



Everything smelt delicious and looked amazing, it didn’t take us long to be weighed down with bags. I’m such a firm believer in shopping local and once I cut out supermarkets my food bill actually dropped by 40%  go on give it a try you will be surprised.



As well as food other local businesses got involved, how cute is this little potting shed.


I will need lots and lots of berries for tomorrow’s blog post. They look delicious and were berry berry cheap.


With a very sleepy puppy and aching arms from too many bags we headed home to fall into a afternoon food coma.


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