Fitness challenge week one

Fitness challenge week one

Surely it can’t just be me but trying to get fit seems to be ten times harder when living with a partner, don’t get me wrong Jamie is super supportive but forgets and offers me a biscuit now I know I have free will and all but honestly after a long day my will is more than a little shakey. And on top of a lack of will power I started a new job last week with long hours.

If you are wondering what the heck im waffling on about, check out the fitness challenge I set myself here

Now I’m sure you are already thinking that I just gave up but I didn’t and while I didn’t have the amazing first week I had hoped for I did in fact start, a little slower than I would like but I started and I have lost 2 lbs.


Glorious food

I would love to tell you I have been eating perfect but I haven’t,  but I have cut out 80% of my snacking ( thank you, new busy job ) and managed one healthy meal a day. Unfortunately I have been missing dinner and I’m a firm believer in not missing meals especially when making lifestyle changes.

2015-09-06_20.03.38One thing I have been super good at is getting my five a day in. Recognising I have been drinking too much rubbish ( I have developed a awful cola habit ) and not getting enough fruit and vegetables I decided to start making my own smoothies and juices and swap the two.

Not so glorious exercise!

Now I actually really used to enjoy going the gym and was super looking forward to returning last week, unfortunately I didn’t make it once. Don’t worry I didn’t chicken out but Jamie had to go away last minute and with me working I wasn’t happy about leaving our little Dave the dog alone any longer than needed but don’t worry he helped me exercise.

2015-09-06_20.16.39We went running and walking for four hours every day, 2 hours in the morning and two in the evening, I even throw myself out of bed every morning at 4am. I have a border collie and I’m obsessed with making sure he’s looked after and super healthy. Dave needs a lot of exercise to keep him healthy and happy so even when the gym is impossible exercise will always happen.

6tag_130815-133344Spending time with this beautiful face is certainly just as fun as hitting the gym.

Goals for week two

  1. Hit the gym three times
  2. Don’t skip any meals
  3. Take healthy lunches to work
  4. Carry on running with Dave
  5. Don’t give up!!!!!


I’m disappointed I didn’t make it to the gym this week, I find that it helps my mind as much as my body. I’m incredibly hard on myself probably too hard which is something I’m trying to work on, I’m such a big believer in looking after your mind as well as body. Although with cutting out all the rubbish soft drinks I’m less bloated which makes me feel more comfortable in myself I have also been sleeping much better than usual and I’ve lost 2lbs here’s to another 2lbs next week.



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