Fitness challenge!

18 Months ago I weighed 70lbs more than I do today and with eating right and exercise I lost it, however recently I have noticed I have gained 8lbs due to falling back into old habits. Being six foot 8lbs isn’t a massive deal however I’ve noticed that my fitness levels have become bad, activities that used to be done easily are now tiring me out quickly.

IMG_20150821_205027Here I am ( right hand side ) March 2014 and 70lbs heavier, it wasn’t til I saw these pictures from a concert that I noticed how much weight I had gained.

IMG_20150821_204957Here I am in March 2015 and at my smallest, I was eating clean and doing some form of exercise every day. It was also the time I felt best about myself and had finally started to love myself and body.

IMG_20150821_204935And now 8lbs heavier and feeling unhealthy, another problem I have noticed is all the negative things I used to think about myself have started creeping back in. So now before it gets out of hand it’s time to fall in love with myself again.

I’m not looking for quick weight loss, I’m looking to become strong and defined. I want my fitness to return to what it was and I know my weight will take care of itself.

The challenge for myself is too spend the next 12 weeks pushing myself to exercise better and become more conscious of what I’m putting into my body. I’m hoping after 12 weeks of exercise and correct nutrition, it will become second nature to me and hopefully stop me falling back into the position I am now in.


Every Monday I will be sharing my progress, what I’ve been doing and eating and more importantly how my health and fitness levels are changing. As well as sharing some recipes and tips.

Wish me luck! And no excuses!




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